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Is your dryer vent hotter than usual? Do you pay extra energy charges every month? If you notice any faulty performance with your dryer, it's better to call Air Duct Cleaning Spring TX asking for help. Dryer vent cleaning is a necessity to stay safe!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Essential

According to the U.S.A consumer product safety commission, 15k fires happen yearly because of the dryer vent. Unfortunately, those fires cause lots of people's lives, property loss & money as well. If you don't want to experience such a thing, keep your family members on the safe side and get your dryer vent s cleaned every year.

Air Duct Cleaning Spring TX's experts can quickly help you minimize the risk of house fires; we can clean your dryer vent entirely, not just the lint trap. Therefore, whenever you find your dryer vent malfunction or any of the following signs clear, call us right away and get back your peace of mind.

Warning Signs Of Clogged Dryer

If you noticed any of the warning signs over your dryer vent's performance, give Air Duct Cleaning Spring TX a call right away! When the dryer takes a long time to dryer up, your clothes feel so hot while using it, which leads to damage to your clothes. You need more than one cycle to dry up your laundry. If you noticed any of these signs, stop using your dryer & give us a call right away. We have a team of well-trained technicians who will come right out and take a look over your dryer before it's too late! If your clothes are hot to be touched, get excessive energy bills every month, or smell burnt odors, call us.

What Cause Dryer Vent Clog?

You will find lint buildup with extra usage, and the lint trap will catch only a bit of it, however. Did you think where the rest might go? The rest fall can gather at the bottom of your dyer near the heating element. When big lint amounts accumulate, it blocks the airflow and leads to extra heat that eventually leads to severe house fires.

Air Duct Cleaning Spring TX has fully licensed technicians who serve Spring, Texas, and its surrounding area happily & professionally. Dryer vents are extremely dangerous, mostly if neglected, so you have to keep an eye over yours or end up with a burnt house. Call us today for the cheapest dryer vent cleaning service.

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